Peste des petits ruminants


POPULATION DE PETITS RUMINANTS (caprins-ovins): 26.500.000 - 30.800.000
SITUATION ÉPIDÉMIOLOGIQUE: PREMIÈRE/DERNIÈRE APPARITION DE LA MALADIE: PPR has been described for the first time in 1973 but only in 1995 the virus has been isolated.
ACTIVITÉS DE CONTRÔLE: National Strategic Plan has been elaborated in 2017 in accordance with PPR GCES, the Country is aiming to receive OIE PPR-free status in 2030. First vaccination campaign is scheduled for January 2018. A seroprevalence study carried out in 2017 has highlighted PPR virus presence in 56.7% of sheep and 49% of goats. The results showed a high prevalence of virus in the whole Country.