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Kenya | Desert locust control operations

Nov 2020

After seeing a majority of its counties overrun by desert locust earlier in the year, by mid-year the government of Kenya through a massive control effort supported by FAO largely succeeded in containing the pest to just a few northern areas. 

Farmers, pastoralists, and rural communities in the remaining affected areas, like Turkana County, have suffered losses to crops and grazing lands. 

Using FAO’s elocust3 application, ground and air-based locust spotter teams identify targets, and ground and air based control teams then move in to treat the infested areas. The effort to contain the agricultural pests has also involved building the country’s capacity to respond and manage the threat, not just through provision of materiel, but also training in locust control and monitoring best practices. Members of Kenya’s National Youth Service have played a key role in the government’s locust campaign.

Author: FAO

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