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Afghanistan | Documenting the impact of drought on farmers and herders

Nov 2021

Drought has severely affected Afghanistan’s agricultural production in 2021. The southern region of the country, around the province of Kandahar, has been particularly hard hit. The World Press Photo award winner, Alessio Romenzi, traveled to Afghanistan to capture the current situation of the country. The Italian photographer collaborated with FAO to raise awareness about the dire situation that farmers and herders are going through as a result of the dry spell, largely caused by the complex weather pattern La Niña, which as brought above normal temperatures and reduced precipitation to Afghanistan. Drought conditions are expected to persist under the influence of La Niña this winter (2021-2022). This album shows the effects of drought: dry cracked lands, harvest losses and a lack of water in dams and canals. The album also shows FAO’s response in the face of the drought. FAO is distributing improved wheat seed across the country, and images here depict a distribution in Baba Sahab village.

FAO is urgently seeking USD 115 million for its spring response in 2022 to protect the rural livelihoods of the vulnerable farmers and herders affected by drought and the economic implosion of the country.

Project code: OSRO/AFG/111/EC

Author: FAO

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