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Ethiopia | Drought conditions in Somali Region

Feb 2022

The Somali region of Ethiopia is experiencing severe drought that has negatively affected pastoral livelihoods. Herders’ livestock have become significantly weaker and less productive, and some animals have even died.  In addition, there have been severe harvest and income losses and increasing cases of malnutrition, particularly for children under five.   

Severe drought conditions are driving acute food insecurity across the Horn of Africa, affecting not only rural communities in southern Ethiopia but in the arid and semi-arid land regions of Kenya and central and southern Somalia. Under FAO’s regional Drought Response Plan, USD 28.1 million (out of a total of USD 130) is needed to provide time-critical assistance to highly vulnerable pastoral communities in drought-hit regions of Ethiopia. The plan aims to safeguard their assets, food and income sources, and prevent further displacement and increases in humanitarian needs.

Author: FAO