La résilience

Liberia | Emergency assistance to Ivorian and host families

Jul 2012

Since the outbreak of post-election violence in neighbouring Cote d’Ivoire in late 2010, more than 200,000 refugees subsequently sought asylum in Liberia, settling in the bordering counties of Nimba, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, and Maryland.

FAO together with the Government of Liberia, local and international agriculture actors led a sustained, results-based emergency intervention providing much-needed food production inputs of tools, improved seeds, training, and technical support at field level. FAO in 2012 intensified its humanitarian assistance, reaching up 7,000 households (or about 35,700 individuals).

The pictures in this gallery depict various aspects and stages of the FAO emergency assistance to Liberians and refugees in the crisis affected counties.

Author: FAO/John T. Monibah