La résilience

Providing lifesaving and sustainable assistance for farmers and herders in Afghanistan

Nov 2021

As winter approaches, farmers and herders in Afghanistan face many challenges: the recent droughts, along with the economic upheaval, and rural migrations leave more than 18 million people unable to feed themselves on a daily basis. 

FAO is working on long term and sustainable approaches to support farmers such as providing seeds, training, cash, and livelihood support, as well as vital animal feed so that herders can keep their livestock alive.  

A family can meet its cereal needs for a year with one package that costs USD 150.  

FAO’s mission is also to protect rural livelihoods, helping farmers keep their homes, and be able to sustain themselves through their lands. 

If agriculture and livestock production are not protected urgently, more than 22 million Afghans could face catastrophe.