La resiliencia

Learning on the move

Oct 2017

In recognition of the challenges faced by pastoralist communities, the Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are implementing a pilot program that integrates literacy and numeracy training in FAO’s traditional Pastoral Field School approach.

As mobility, in search of pasture and water for cattle is a key component in the way of life for pastoralist communities in South Sudan, they are beyond reach of nearly all education and livelihood support activities. The Pastoral Field School approach provides an excellent entry point and platform to improve knowledge and skills of pastoralists, and is now also being used to introduce vital basic literacy and numeracy skills to both children and adults alike.

Also, as most service provision models are designed for sedentary living, and institutional arrangements to provide such services are also lacking due to limited resources, it has left pastoralists marginalized. With this new integrated approach – Pastoralist Livelihood and Education Field School (PLEFS), adaptations have been made in order to provide pastoralists with sustainable and high-quality livelihood and learning opportunities as they move, to make them more resilient.

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