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FAO Component of the 2008 Work Plan for the Sudan

FAO Component of the 2008 Work Plan for the Sudan
Jan 2008

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is appealing for USD 73 307 596 million under the 2008 Work Plan for the Sudan, which outlines the international community’s planned support to humanitarian, recovery and development programming. Given the importance of agriculture to the Sudan’s economy, FAO’s assistance programmes play a crucial role in supporting the peace process and ensuring a lasting recovery.

While the overall security situation across the Sudan has stabilized, factional in-fighting continues, leading to further population displacements. In Darfur, widespread poverty and inequitable development opportunities mean there is still a large need for humanitarian assistance.

In Southern Sudan, almost three years on from the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, optimism for stability and sustained growth remains high. However, while oil revenues are providing some funding for reconstruction and development, conflicting expectations raised by the peace agreement pose a significant challenge to maintaining stability.

To address the widespread needs that exist across the Sudan, FAO has designed an extensive Work Plan of both humanitarian assistance and recovery and development programmes. FAO plans to gradually steer the direction of its programme in the Sudan along the path of recovery and development paving the way for the emergence of self-reliant and capacity-driven communities.

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