The Sudan | 2020 Flood impact rapid assessment

The Sudan | 2020 Flood impact rapid assessment
Oct 2020

Since July 2020, heavy rains and flooding combined with historical overflow of the River Nile and its tributaries have affected most of the states in the Sudan, causing devastating damage alongside riverbanks in the northern, central and eastern regions of the country. More than 100 people lost their lives due to the floods, and displacement and massive destruction of infrastructure were registered. In view of this disaster, the Government of the Sudan declared on 4 September 2020, a three-month state of emergency and formulated a supreme committee to deal with the disaster and its impacts. Several countries and humanitarian actors are currently supporting the country to mitigate the impact of floods on affected people through provision of urgent supplies, especially food, shelter, and medicine aid packages.

As a result, FAO Sudan, jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Ministries of Production and Economic Resources, conducted a rapid impact assessment during mid-September. The assessment covered 15 states and 80 localities affected, with the intention of estimating the degree of damage to the agriculture sector and formulate emergency response interventions to support the population in need. In addition, the Ministry of Irrigation established a technical taskforce to document the damage caused by the floods in the irrigated sector. Moreover, the damage that occurred to the planted areas in the irrigated schemes was assessed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and its result was captured by FAO in this report.

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