Ethiopia | Desert locust situation report (25 March 2021)

Ethiopia | Desert locust situation report (25 March 2021)
Mar 2021

Key messages:

  • Swarms currently present in Ethiopia continue to decline due to ongoing control operations and no breeding.
  • In the absence of rainfall, the swarms have remained immature (awaiting Belg rains to mature and breed).
  • Showers may occur by the end of March 2021 in some areas. Breeding will start immediately thereafter.
  • Nevertheless, the seasonal predictions continue to call for well- below normal rains this spring, which could severely limit the scale and extent of any upcoming breeding. 
  • Immature swarms persist in the Ahmar Mountains east of the Rift Valley in Oromia (Bale, Borema, Arsi) between Awasa and Harar, but appear to be declining in southern Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (South Omo, Konso).


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