Ethiopia | Desert locust situation report (30 June 2021)

Ethiopia | Desert locust situation report (30 June 2021)
Jun 2021

Key messages:

  • New immature swarms continue to form fledging desert locust (DL) populations in Siti Zone of Somali region in eastern Ethiopia.
  • The movement of DL to the Afar and eastern Amhara regions has began. The presence of immature swarms has been confirmed in Bati and expected in Hara in the Amhara region.
  • The movement of immature swarms from Siti Zone and neghbouring Djibouti and North Somalia to the Afar region is predicted to increase in July.
  • The success of current survey and control operations will determine the scale of migration and breeding in the Afar region during this summer.
  • In the Afar region, above-normal summer rains are predicted and would allow breeding from August to October.
  • Control operations continue in Adigala (Siti Zone) and western Somali region where fledging is taking place. An increasing number of small immature swarms have been sighted.
  • Intensive ground and aerial operations must continue in eastern Ethiopia to reduce swarm formation by detecting and treating as many remaining hopper bands and new swarms as possible.


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