FAO West Bank and Gaza Strip Newsletter - May 2008

FAO West Bank and Gaza Strip Newsletter - May 2008
May 2008

Special Gender Issue

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has a Gender and Development Plan of Action (2008–2013) which reflects FAO‟s determination to promote gender equality and mainstream gender issues into the work of the Organization. FAO recognizes that the empowerment of women is key to raising levels of nutrition, improving the production and distribution of food and agricultural products and enhancing the living conditions of rural populations. In the West Bank and Gaza Strip (WBGS), FAO ensures that gender concerns and women participants are integrated in all relevant FAO projects and activities.

Throughout the WBGS women take an active part in family farming and provide a massive contribution in terms of labour. In animal farming, women and girls are generally in charge of milking and milk processing, and girls often look after the flocks. In horticulture, women carry out a lot of the hard tillage and harvesting. FAO strives to enhance the technical skills of women and girls in farming practices, giving them a better chance to manage their own cash flow and livelihoods. This is especially important as cash earned by women is more likely to be spent on children, general family food security and better family living conditions.

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