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Northeastern Nigeria - Situation report February 2020

Northeastern Nigeria - Situation report February 2020
Mar 2020

Key messages

  • FAO completed distributions of dry season inputs (crop seeds and NPK 15:15:15 fertilizers) to 35 500 households across Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states. Dry season crop production ensures food availability during the lean season (June-August). Water pumps for irrigation were also distributed to around 2 400 households, enabling them to cultivate 600 ha of farmland and reduce pump rental costs, time and labour, especially for women tasked with fetching water.
  • The figures of the latest Cadre Harmonisé (November 2019) analysis for the three northeastern states estimates around 3.6 million people in the region are projected to be in severe acute food insecurity from June to August 2020 – traditionally the lean season in the North-East - up by almost 20 percent compared with the projection for last year’s lean season.
  • FAO’s programme in the North-East is severely underfunded, the Organization is appealing to resource partners to provide the critical financial resources needed to reach more households in time for the 2020 rainy season and the 2020/21 dry season.

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