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Community-based fire management - A review

Community-based fire management - A review
Jan 2011

This publication is based on the experiences of FAO and partners in community-based fire management (CBFiM). The concept of CBFiM emphasizes the importance of local communities in policy development and fire management practices. Several case studies from Australia, Mexico and the United States of America highlight the importance of community access to land and natural resources, particularly in relation to fire-management decision-making.

The publication emphasizes the need to include CBFiM in the planning and implementation of projects for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD). A case study from Mozambique shows how CBFiM can generate income via carbon credits. The publication defines current limiting factors of implementation while underlining the importance of effective partnerships within and outside the communities. It concludes with a call to continue the development of tools and resources to assist CBFiM practitioners with their implementation of CBFiM.

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