La resiliencia

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 - 11/04/2022
Preliminary results from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) monitoring system show a worsening trend in food security, especially in oblasts with active ongoing fighting and ...leer más
 - 09/04/2022
Food insecurity is likely to rise by seven percent across South Sudan in the coming months, compared to last year, according to a new United Nations report on food security. ...leer más
 - 08/04/2022
In a world with 166 more million people chronically undernourished and 3 billion people with no access to healthy diets, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine “is affecting the whole world’s ...leer más
 - 07/04/2022
The war in Ukraine is compromising global food security. The lives and livelihoods of millions of people, including farmers, are being affected. Along with UN partners, FAO is fully engaged ...leer más
 - 06/04/2022
The programme covers eight African countries, supporting reforms and evidence-based public investment decisions over a five-year period. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has launched a new ...leer más
 - 05/04/2022
Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity due to climate change, while conflicts are driving consistent and unsustainable increases in humanitarian needs. Combined, they are pushing acute hunger ...leer más
 - 04/04/2022
Climate and human-induced disasters, threaten lives, livelihoods and food security. Smallholder farmers are among the most vulnerable to shocks, some of which are predictable. It is our collective duty to find ...leer más
 - 02/04/2022
Key considerations and entry points for the promotion of decent rural employment in the recovery phase.                          
 - 02/04/2022
Entry points for gender-responsive and inclusive interventions for Ukraine crisis.  
 - 02/04/2022
The unfolding war in Ukraine has led to destruction of life and property, food insecurity and human rights violations. It also has immediate land access and tenure dimensions, including key ...leer más