La resiliencia

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 - 05/11/2021
“If any of my neighbors want a device like this, I'd be happy to make it for them. I'm also offering the use of my fodder press to anyone who ...leer más
 - 04/11/2021
Tuka is a Syrian micro scale entrepreneur who lives in Izmir, Turkey. Tuka was one of 70 micro scale entrepreneurs who benefited from food production and entrepreneurship skills trainings provided ...leer más
 - 29/10/2021
On 29 October 2021, Japan signed an agreement with FAO to contribute USD 7 million (JPY 771 000 000) to enhance the food security and nutrition of vulnerable internally displaced, ...leer más
 - 26/10/2021
Episodes in the programme to focus on the impact of climate change on food security. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Somalia, has launched a new ...leer más
 - 26/10/2021
Située au coeur de la bande sahélo-saharienne, la région du Liptako‑Gourma s’étend sur une large zone de 370 000 km2 où vit une population d'environ 10,8 millions d’habitants en 2021 ...leer más
 - 20/10/2021
This case study focuses on the Republic of Namibia’s ex ante approach to preventing, controlling, and managing animal pest and disease outbreaks, which are often exacerbated by climate-related disasters, such ...leer más
 - 20/10/2021
The online session called for local action to improve the systems that produce and distribute the food in Somalia.  FAO in Somalia in partnership with the World Food Programme in Somalia ...leer más
 - 19/10/2021
The paper contains a joint statement by the Social Protection Interagency Cooperation Board (SPIAC-B), a coordination mechanism comprising of a broad swath of intergovernmental and bilateral agencies engaged in social ...leer más
 - 18/10/2021
Zahr Haidar is a farmer and a mother of six children from Khanfar District in Abyan Governorate. The impacts of the ongoing conflict such as damages to vital irrigation infrastructures ...leer más
 - 18/10/2021
This technical paper provides an analysis of the spatio-temporal trends of precipitation in the Syrian Arab Republic from 1980–2021, an analysis of precipitation during the 2020/21 agricultural season by governorate, ...leer más