Forests and land use

Forests are invaluable to all life on earth.

  • Forests cover 1/3 of the total land area
  • Forests contain most of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity
  • 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihoods
  • US$108 billion a year of medicinal plants from tropical forests
  • The rate of deforestation, though slowing, is still alarmingly high. 5.2 million hectares lost each year; equivalent to the size of a soccer eld every second

Forests must be managed sustainably to help reverse the eects of land degradation
and deforestation. Widespread forest restoration and tree-planting are signicantly reducing the net loss of forest area. Sound policies are needed to ensure a future for forests.

Date: 21/03/2013
Topics: Forestry
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