Ответственная практика в интересах устойчивого рыболовства

Fisheries management. 2. The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries. 2.2 The human dimensions of the ecosystem approach to fisheries

2009 FAO

These Guidelines have been developed in response to requests for further information on the practical adoption and application of the ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF), with a special focus on its human dimensions. As implementation of EAF is a human pursuit and takes place in the context of societal goals and aspirations, the human forces at play need to be understood and considered – these include policies, legal frameworks, social structures, cultural values, economic principles , institutional processes and any other relevant form or expression of human behaviour. Human dimensions play four main roles in EAF: (1) social, economic and institutional objectives and factors are driving forces behind the need for EAF management; (2) the costs and benefits to individuals and to society of applying the EAF have social, economic and institutional impacts and implications; (3) the application of social, economic and institutional instruments are all crucial for succ essful implementation of the EAF; and (4) social, economic and institutional factors present in fishery systems can play either supporting or constraining roles in EAF implementation.

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