The Right to Food

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Experts' corner - 07.12.2022

Opinion article about the importance of applying a human rights-based approach to build sustainable agrifood systems, signed by Máximo Torero, FAO Chief Economist.

On the ground - 06.12.2022

FAO urges to create awareness on consumer protection for the fulfillment of the right to adequate foood.

Events - 05.12.2022

This year´s observances kicks off the countdown to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

News - 15.11.2022

Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality Division covers rural institutions, social protection, gender equality, decent rural employment, tenure rights, migration, and the right to food.

News - 02.11.2022

Flagship FAO report addresses concerns over job losses and inequality

News - 27.10.2022

Recurring statements reminded how sustainable growth urgently needs to be grounded in human rights

News - 24.10.2022

FAO Director-General emphasizes the key role of stronger and sustainable agrifood systems to avoid forced displacement at International Dialogue on Migration

News - 24.10.2022

Pope Francis, United Nations Secretary-General and Italy’s President join other leaders in urging renewed efforts to tackle hunger and malnutrition

News - 19.10.2022

As part of the World Food Forum (WFF), FAO promoted the dialogue "Science and innovation to address hunger and food insecurity."

News - 18.10.2022

The page contains relevant information, resources and news related to inclusivity, shining a spotlight on those vulnerable and marginalized groups that can make a real difference in the shift towards more equitable and sustainable agrifood systems.

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