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The right to food is now in the Constitution of Brazil

News - 15.02.2010

The right to food is now explicitly recognised in the Brazilian Constitution. After being approved by both chambers of the Congress on the 3 of February 2010, the Brazilians adopted the Constitutional Amendment Project (PEC 47/2003) which now establishes the right to food as a constitutional human right. The amendment aimed at including the right to food among other social rights that were already part of article 6 of the Brazilian Constitution and that are equally important for living a dignified live.

The approval of this constitutional amendment is strongly significant for the progressive realization of the right to food in Brazil. The political commitment of the State is now enshrined at the highest level of the Supreme Law of the State. In 2006, the right to adequate food was legally recognised through the approval of the National Food and Nutritional Security Framework Law (LOSAN). In the same line, Brazil has also signed and ratified the international human rights framework providing clear obligations for the State to respect, protect and fulfil the right to adequate food. Those obligations were followed so far with the implementation of the Hunger Zero Program, with the creation of an inclusive and cross sectoral coordination body such as CONSEA and through claim mechanisms by which all citizens can address the authorities and hold them accountable for their actions or omissions. The approval of this amendment is only one more, but very significant step towards a comprehensive realization of this human right in Brazil.

In collaboration with partners in Brazil, FAO has supported this process through capacity development, awareness building and advocacy on the right to food and therefore is proud of this important achievement.

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