The Right to Food

Analysis of the food security and nutrition legislation in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua

Author: Elizabeth Bak

Legal Study, 2015.

The Latin American countries have been at the forefront of the legal developments of the right to food and Central America is one of the regions that has advanced the most with the adoption of laws on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN).

With the aim of contributing to the strengthening of legal frameworks in the region, this study presents a comparative analysis of the FSN legislation in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua (the CA-4 countries). Taking the human rights-based approach as a framework, the paper analyzes the constitutional provisions and the content of the FSN laws at country level. It also explores the legal frameworks adopted so far by regional parliaments and Central American integration agencies. The conclusions and recommendations provided in this report identify some progress and challenges in national legislation according to the obligations derived from international law.

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Category: Studies
Keywords: Legal issues, National legislation, Food security and nutrition

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