SAVE FOOD: Iniciativa mundial sobre la reducción de la pérdida y el desperdicio de alimentos

The CoP on food loss reduction started an online discussion on “losses occurring along the maize supply chains: levels, causes and solutions promoted”

04 Nov 2014

The newly launched Community of Practice (CoP) on food loss reduction has started its first online discussion through the CoP Forum. The discussion goes along the following questions: “What are your experiences related to the levels of grain losses, particularly in the maize chain? How were they measured? What solutions can be/were implemented to reduce these losses? What success stories can you share with the Community?” The contributions posted have shared experiences from Rwanda and Tanzania and have started from the information gathered and published by the Kenya case studies of the SAVE FOOD Initiative.

In the three months of discussion the CoP Forum will be the place for sharing information, raising awareness, and also critical points on relevant topics. Interested practitioners are welcome to join the discussion and involve other experts in contributing with their experiences. The online discussion will contribute in building and consolidating the Community of Practice in a participatory and lively exchange.

Do join the CoP registering at: !

For more information on the online discussion: Forum Digest#1 - October 2014.