SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction
2015 SAVE FOOD series of Conferences on Food Loss and Waste Reduction


The SAVE FOOD Initiative sees as one of its major roles to bring together world-wide initiatives and action on food loss and waste reduction, to promote collaboration and partnerships. In 2015 quite a number of international conferences and meetings are being planned, by different organizations.

These events keep the topic of Food Loss and Waste high on the political and institutional agenda, while they also facilitate exchange of best practices and lessons. There is an opportunity for the community to structure these events so that they reinforce one another and lead to substantive outcomes rather than just serving as platforms for discussions. Therefore SAVE FOOD supports the coordination of the conferences to ensure a series of sequential events whose outcomes are complementary.

At the end of 2015 a coherent joint report will be prepared which provides a global overview of the deliberations, findings and recommendations from these meetings.

The following international conferences on FLW are planned for 2015:

  1. Food Losses and Waste Initiative
    Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture - GFIA
    9 - 11 March
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Theme: From Prevention to Valorisation

  2. Global Change, SDGs and the Nexus Approach
    Dresden Nexus Conference - DNC
    27 March
    Dresden, Germany
    Theme: Food Losses and Environmental Resources

  3. Facing challenges in post-harvest food losses
    Agritech Israel 2015
    28 - 30 April

    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Theme: Facing challenges in post-harvest food losses.

  4. SAVE FOOD Annual General meeting
    Messe Düsseldorf
    12 May
    Vevey, Switzerland
    Theme: Private Sector support for food loss and waste reduction projects.

  5. No more food to waste
    Ministry of Economic Affairs
    16 - 19 June
    The Hague, The Netherlands
    Theme: Global action to stop food waste and food losses

  6. The First International Congress on Post-harvest Loss Prevention
    ADM Institute for the Prevention of Post-harvest Loss
    4 - 7 October
    Rome, Italy
    Theme: Solutions for post-harvest losses - technologies, policies and resources

  7. EXPO 2015 "Fight Food Waste, Feed the Planet"
    European Commission (Health and Food Safety Directorate-General)
    15 October
    Milan, Italy
    Theme: Promoting effective inter-sector co-operation to prevent food waste from farm to fork


The SAVE FOOD Initiative will support the 2015 Series as follows:

  1. Attend/participate in each of the conferences, and prepare detailed recording and reporting of the discussions and conclusions.
  2. Develop a uniformed reporting format for the conferences with special attention to the results and outcomes.
  3. Share information, draft reports and other content for comments and inputs from partners. A final report on the Series will be prepared for publication and dissemination.
  4. Prepare presentations, promotional materials, and background and resource materials for hand-out at each conference.
  5. Announce and promote the Series as well as the Conferences individually through the SAVE FOOD Network and social media.