FAO Investment Centre

New Investment Centre publications available on web site


A number of new documents are now available from the Investment Centre that can be downloaded for free from its web site under Publications.

A full set of 10 reports, published by the FAO Investment Centre/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Cooperation Programme, can be accessed under Centre/EBRD publications. This series presents sector reviews and studies undertaken in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS. The studies present innovative areas to increase investment in agriculture in the region. They also contain useful background information for international financial institutions and policy makers involved in promoting agribusiness and agricultural investment in the region.

The following two new publications are now also available for downloading under Occasional Papers:

Occasional Paper No. 14: Term Financing in Agriculture: A Review of Relevant Experiences (October 2003) presents a report on a multi-country study on innovative approaches to financing the investments of small farmers, that was carried out by FAO's Rural Finance Group and Investment Centre. The research was co-funded by the World Bank.

Occasional Paper No 15: Pakistan: Sindh Water Resources Management - Issues and Options (December 2003) presents a study that is relevant to other countries interested to improve management of their water resources.

Two key manuals are now available for downloading under Technical Papers: No. 7: Guidelines for the design of agricultural investment projects (1995, updated 2005) and No. 9: Sociological analysis in agricultural investment project design (1992).

In addition, Occasional Paper No. 5: Recapitalization of Soil Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa (February 1996) is now accessible.