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➤ Knowledge for Investment K4I

Through K4I, we are committed to sharing knowledge via key studies and publications. Topics are wide ranging – from improving urban food systems governance to more climate-sensitive agricultural investments to country sector reviews, to name a few.

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➤ Agriculture Human Capital Investment

Investing in farmers – or agriculture human capital – is crucial to addressing challenges in our agri-food systems. These publications look at agriculture human capital investments, from recent trends to promising initiatives in CameroonChile, Côte d'Ivoire, India, Indonesia, KenyaPeru, Rwanda and the United States of America, as well as a global study


➤ Food Systems Assessment (FSA)

Under a partnership between the European Union, FAO, and CIRAD, in cooperation with national and food systems stakeholders, a large-scale assessment and consultation on food systems was initiated in more than 50 countries, as a first step towards transforming them.

The evidence and knowledge gathered so far has identified key questions that will help define policy and investments solutions in view of transforming food systems.


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Recent publications

Author(s): Serova, E., Prikhodko, D.
This report was prepared under the FAO/World Bank Cooperative Programme in the context of the “Agricultural Mechanization: the Next Challenge...
Author(s): Muller-Praefcke, D., Lai, K. C., Sorrenson, W.
Effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E), vital for tracking and measuring results of development interventions, remains challenging. Although much literature exists...
Author(s): Prikhodko, D.
  The potential of Ukraine to produce and export larger quantities of grain through improved yields, increased acreage and better access...
Author(s): Nazhmidenov, K., Fileccia, T., Jumabayeva, A.
Author(s): Nazhmidenov, K.; Fileccia, T.; Jumabayeva, A.
These “Highlights on four Livestock sub-sectors in Kazakhstan” have been prepared by the FAO Investment Centre Division in collaboration with...
Author(s): Нажмиденова, К.; Филеччиа, T.; Джумабаевой, A.
Настоящая серия отчетов «Основные аспекты исследования четырех секторов отрасли жи- вотноводства в Казахстане» подготовлена Инвестиционным центром ФАО в сотрудничест- ве...
Author(s): Fileccia, T.
  This report is one of four “Highlights on Livestock sub-sectors in Kazakhstan”. The reports were...
Author(s): Fileccia, T.