Sustainable Food Value Chains Knowledge Platform

Smallholder Integration in Changing Food Markets


The publication discusses the characteristics of smallholder producers in food markets and the determinants of and constraints to their participation in food markets and food value chains. Upon this, the publication introduces the market arrangements and mechanisms necessary to facilitate smallholders’ participation. These solutions require key responsibility of the government as well as important roles of other market players and the private sector.

Countries: Non-country specific
Commodities: Non-Commodity specific
Topics: Value Chain Governance in general, Business-enabling environment in general, Governance (linkage) upgrading, Inputs and services support upgrading, Business enabling environment upgrading
Personal author: Pedro Arias, David Hallam, Ekaterina Krivonos, Jamie Morrison
Publisher: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Type: Discussion
Format: Document
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