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Youth-sensitive value chain analysis and development 2022 Document Case illustration FAO EN

Food systems transformation: Promoting sustainable local value chains by improving food systems for better food security and nutrition. 2021 Brief Discussion FAO EN

Selecting value chains for sustainable food value chain development 2021 Document Case illustration EN

AgrInvest-Food Systems Project – Political economy analysis of the Kenyan food systems. Key political economy factors and promising value chains to improve food system sustainability 2020 Document Case study FAO EN

Agripreneurship across Africa 2019 Document Case study; Discussion FAO EN

Cómo establecer alianzas efectivas con el sector privado para el desarrollo de agronegocios 2019 Brief Discussion FAO ES

Developing sustainable value chains for small-scale livestock producers 2019 Document Discussion FAO EN

Food Outlook: Biannual report on global food markets 2019 Online material Data FAO EN

Sustainable broiler production in North Macedonia – A value chain guide to best practice 2019 Document Case study FAO EN

Value Adding Pathways in Agriculture and Food Trade - The Role of GVCs and Services 2019 Document Discussion OECD EN

Developing gender-sensitive value chains. Guidelines for practitioners 2018 Document Case illustration; Tool EN

Financing Rural Infrastructure: Priorities and Pathways for Ending Hunger 2018 Document Discussion International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) EN

Future of Food Maximizing Finance for Development in Agricultural Value Chains 2018 Document Discussion World Bank Group EN

Gender and food loss in sustainable food value chains – A guiding note 2018 Document Tool FAO

Value Chain Analysis for the Coffee Sector in Rwanda 2018 Document Case study Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) EN

تطوير سلاسل قيمة مستدامة للأغذية: مبادىء توجيهية 2018 Document Discussion FAO AR

Business benefits of sustainability standards: A meta-review 2017 Online material Discussion ISEAL Alliance EN

Creating employment potential in small-ruminant value chains in the Ethiopian Highlands 2017 Document Case study FAO EN

Ex-Ante Carbon-balance Tool for Value Chain (EX-ACT VC) 2017 Online material Tool FAO EN

Gender assessment of dairy value chains: evidence from Ethiopia 2017 Document Case study Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) EN

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