Sustainable Food Value Chains Knowledge Platform

An Analysis of Three Commodity Value Chains in Cambodia: Rice, Horticulture, and Aquaculture


The goal and objectives of this study were to develop the analytics needed to select the best value chains for investments, in order to improve food security and smallholder incomes  in provinces with high-potential for such value chain development. The main objectives were to: 1. Identify and analyze end markets in which Cambodian horticulture, rice (wet and dry season), and fish farmers and fishers in the targeted regions, have or could have a competitive advantage—local, national, regional and/or global. 2. Identify and analyze horticulture, rice, and fish (wild caught and pond raised) value chains with the greatest potential for inclusive growth—to reduce poverty, increase resilience, and improve livelihoods year-round. 

Countries: Cambodia
Commodities: Rice, Vegetables in general, Farmed fish/ Aquaculture
Topics: Business-enabling environment in general
Personal author: Olaf Kula, Cheryl Turner, Sanphirom Sar
Publisher: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Type: Case study
Format: Presentation
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