Платформа знаний в области устойчивых производственно-сбытовых цепочек в сфере продовольствия

My Coop - Managing your Agricultural Cooperative


Developed jointly by the International Trade Centre and the International Labour Organization, this training will help existing and potential managers of agricultural cooperatives to offer high quality, efficient and effective services to the cooperative members. The package online includes 4 modules (Basics of Agricultural Cooperatives ; Cooperative Service Provision ; Supply of Farm Inputs ; Cooperative Marketing), the trainer's manual and a mobile learning toolkit.

Countries: Non-country specific
Commodities: Non-Commodity specific
Topics: Value chain upgrading in general
Authoring organization: International Trade Center (ITC) ; International labour Organization (ILO)
Publisher: International Trade Center (ITC) ; International labour Organization (ILO)
Category: E-learning materials
Level suitability: Intermediate
Type: Learning material
Format: Online material
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