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Regional code of practice for reduced impact logging in tropical moist forests of West and Central Africa

The publication is directed at forest authorities of member countries, practitioners on the ground and all partners who have joined forces to promote sustainable forest management in the region. This regional code is intended to set guidelines for the implementation of reduced-impact harvesting concepts in the region and to serve as a source of reference for member countries as they shape their own national regulations. Compliance with the fundamental principle of the sustainable forest management requires: comprehensive, accurate and detailed planning of harvest-related operations; effective conduct, control and monitoring of harvesting operations by experienced personnel; post-harvest assessment to identify necessary improvements in methods and techniques; a trained, competent and motivated workforce; the personal commitment of all company employees. This document will examine each of these conditions in detail in order to enable readers to find solutions to their specific constraints.
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Printed publication (book, sourcebook, journal article…)
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All forest types (natural and planted)
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