Plataforma de Acciones en Alimentación Urbana

International guidelines on urban and territorial planning

Publicado por: UN-Habitat

The Information Document is an extract from the prospective Compendium of Inspiring Practices, a database that is being developed to support and illustrate the Guidelines. The Information Document comprises a sample of 26 international experiences in urban and territorial planning that have been developed by the Expert Group and its associated networks. It provides a cross section of inventive, ambitious and unique cases that address common issues of urban and territorial development and highlights successful examples of how urban and territorial planning can reshape countries and regions towards more sustainable development. The case studies also demonstrate the importance of the key planning principles promoted in the Guidelines.

Tema: Governance and planning
Etiqueta: Food security and nutrition, Rural-urban linkages
Organización: UN-Habitat
Año: 2015
Tipo: Frameworks
Región: Global coverage
Formato de recurso: Document
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