Plataforma de Acciones en Alimentación Urbana

Quelimane: organic production from market waste

Autor: FAO, EStà, City of Quelimane
Publicado por: FAO

The Municipality of Quelimane launched the “Quelimame Limpa” project to collect organic waste from urban food markets to dump in a compost-making facility managed by local associations. This valuable compost is then distributed to hundreds of gardens across the city. The project contributes to curbing the spread of diseases, to addressing malnutrition and to increasing household production and livelihoods.

Tema: Food loss and waste
Organización: FAO
Autor: FAO, EStà, City of Quelimane
Año: 2018
Tipo: Reports & Case Studies
City (País): Mozambique
Región: Africa
Formato de recurso: Document
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