Urban Food Agenda

Activities in Kigali progress with specific campaigns to reduce and manage Food Waste in the City


Last week, the recently formed Task Force on Food Waste Reduction and Management met several participants from schools, restaurants, hotels, and companies to raise their awareness of food waste reduction and management, including adequate collection, transportation, and food waste treatment.

The establishment of this Task Force was facilitated by FAO, the City of Kigali, and the Rwanda Rural Rehabilitation Initiative (RWARRI), in line with the more comprehensive target of achieving sustainable food systems in urban contexts.

The essential role of the City of Kigali has been instrumental to involve participants from different areas, strengthen partnerships and facilitate the interventions.  

More specifically, market vendors across the city have just started a focused Training on Markets and Food Waste, with almost 500 participants already registered.

During the training, they are starting to understand and deepen the complex issues related to food waste and its management, including the reasons behind food waste, its source in the City of Kigali, and the differences between household and food services waste.

Understanding the why is essential for the operational part of the Training, which is exploring practical ways through which market vendors can reduce food waste in the City. Some of the solutions include a clear understanding of food labelling, transparency and agility in the supply chain, e-commerce optimization, correct storage and collection, composting and other.

Market vendors are the main targets of these campaigns as they are among the ones who can have a real impact, and make a significant contribution to the reduction of food waste in the City of Kigali…