Agenda de la Alimentación Urbana

City-to-city cooperation for sustainable urban food systems


In the Framework of the Urban Food Agenda FAO supported a City-to-City exchange between Kigali (Rwanda), Nairobi (Kenya), and Milan (Italy) to strengthen food waste reduction and management in both African cities.

This 5-minute video illustrates how City-to-City cooperation concretely helps to build sustainable urban food systems.

Reducing food loss and waste is key to achieve sustainable food systems, particularly in the context of growing urbanization.
In the face of the current COVID-19-related challenges, the municipality of Milan was able to share its experiences helping Nairobi  and Kigali developing their own action plans on food waste management.

Thanks to South-South and triangular cooperation, cities have been able to share their experiences and learn from each other and strengthen food systems at sub-national and municipality levels.

As also part of the Green Cities Initiative, launched by FAO in September 2020, Nairobi County and the City of Kigali will soon begin implementation of their food waste management action plans.