Agenda Alimentaire Urbain


Ambitious plans to help small, medium and large cities become greener, cleaner and integrated into sustainable agri-food systems
Monday, 21 June 2021 14:00 pm – 16.00 pm CEST
The year 2021 marks the beginning of the Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, and Food systems that are healthier, more sustainable and equitable are key to achieving many of the SDGS. COVID-19 also revealed how important resilience of food systems is. However, overall...
In the Framework of the Urban Food Agenda FAO supported a City-to-City exchange between Kigali (Rwanda), Nairobi (Kenya), and Milan (Italy) to strengthen food waste reduction and management in both African cities.This 5-minute video illustrates how City-to-City cooperation concretely helps to build sustainable urban food systems.
A joint webinar to promote the city participation in Asia Pacific