Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries

in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication

The road to an NPOA-SSF

Initial agreement to initiate the NPOA-SSF process

Before a country embarks on the process of developing an NPOA-SSF, there must be general recognition within the country concerned that there is an interest in implementing the SSF Guidelines, and that an NPOA-SSF is an appropriate vehicle to achieve this. In addition,  in order to make it a reality in the spirit of the SSF Guidelines, all stakeholders need to work together. Therefore, before the development of an NPOA-SSF is initiated, there should be formal agreement among the stakeholders in the country that such a plan is required to translate the SSF Guidelines into concrete action.

A proposal to this effect can be put forward by a civil society organization (CSO), such as a small-scale fishing organization , a government department, an individual, "champion for change", or a group of interested stakeholders. The proposal should include a preliminary vision for the NPOA-SSF as well as options for its scope. In most cases, the concept would need to be incorporated into a funding proposal in order to secure the funds required for the process.

The outcome of such discussions should be a formalized agreement to develop an NPOA-SSF. It is important to note that although it may be proposed by other stakeholders, in order to achieve its objectives, there needs to be government buy-in.

NPOA-SSF development stages

Contain the key steps, guidance and templates for Stage 1 of the NPOA-SSF development process.



Contain the key steps, guidance and templates for progressing to Stage 2 of the NPOA-SSF process, the detailed development of the NPOA-SSF document.


Contain tools for the implementation, monitoring, updating and reviewing of the NPOA-SSF that has been developed.

The NPOA-SSF process

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Initial agreement to formalize an NPOA-SSF development

STEP 1-1

Task force formation

STEP 1-2

Preliminary SSF profile

STEP 1-3

Stakeholders mapping

STEP 1-4

SSF Governance review & gap analysis

STEP 1-5

Developing rationale for an NPOA-SSF

STEP 1-6

Planning for NPOA-SSF development

STEP 1-7

National platform established

NPOA-SSF development

STEP 2-1

Process launch and awareness-building

STEP 2-2

NPOA-SFF intervention logic

STEP 2-3

Stakeholder consultation

STEP 2-4

NPOA-SSF cogframe

STEP 2-5

NPOA-SFF draft

STEP 2-6

NPOA-SFF draft consultation

STEP 2-7

Final NPOA-SFF publiccation


STEP 3-1

Project roles

STEP 3-2

Standard operating procedures

STEP 3-3

Information management

STEP 3-4


STEP 3-5

Monitoring, evaluation & learning