WASAG – The Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture


Water for Food Systems and Nutrition

Access to sufficient and clean freshwater is essential for all life. Water is also essential for food system functioning: as a key input into food production, but also in processing and preparation, and as a food itself. This brief highlights solutions to jointly improve food systems and water security outcomes.

Water productivity, the yield gap, and nutrition: The case of Ethiopia

Food system transformation is needed to address the hundreds of millions of people without adequate access to water or food for a healthy life. Nutrition and malnutrition are inextricably linked to water for food, sanitation, hygiene. This report investigates the relationship between water, food security and nutrition using data from Ethiopia on yield, water productivity, and the macro and micronutrient contents of food.

World Water Day 2020 – Water and Nutrition

It can take up to the colossal amount of 3000 litres of water to produce the food to meet one person's dietary needs per day. Global warming, combined with increased climatic variability, offer new agro-climatic opportunities to achieve food security and reduce malnutrition.

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