World Agriculture Watch

WAW and AgriCord

AgriCord is a global alliance of agri-agencies mandated by farmers' organizations. Since 2007, it has implemented the Farmers Fighting Poverty programme, supporting 200 farmers' organizations per year in more than 50 developing countries. Farmers Fighting Poverty is a delivery mechanism established in 2007 aimed at providing support to farmers' organizations.  

Each agency supports professional farmers’ organizations and cooperatives, thus driving the development of family-based farming by promoting entrepreneurial capacity and farmer-led, rural, off-farm employment and service provision.

Its goals are:

  • To end poverty and hunger, starting with rural areas;
  • Good governance and democracy;
  • Sustainable economic development;
  • Better distribution of income; and
  • An influential role for organized farmers in society and the economy of developing countries.

A global productive family-farm sector that is able to feed the world can only be attained by investing in agriculture and transformation services and by giving organized farmers full participation in the design and implementation of their own development path. This should, in turn, lead to the smooth structural transformation of the economy without jeopardizing employment and food provision.

Family farms are vital when it comes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end hunger and achieve inclusive and efficient agriculture and food systems. AgriCord supports farmers’ organizations as key actors in the implementation of the SDGs.

AgriCord has been collaborating with WAW since 2016 and will continue to support the partnership between farmers’ organizations and WAW. It signed a memorandum of understanding with FAO to this effect in February 2018, formalizing the partnership.

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