World Agriculture Watch

WAW Synthesis Report on Typology


The WAW Secretariat organized, from February to April 2014, a set of e-conferences followed by e-discussions through the WAW Typology D-group in order to put into debates the 4 national reports presenting the agricultural holding typology in Madagascar, Vietnam, France and Nicaragua.

The group of discussion was also opened up by the case studies in Brazil, presented by Pr. Carlos Guanziroli (University of Rio), in Argentina,  presented by Edith Obschatko (PROCISUR), and in Malawi, presented by Mathilde Douillet (FARM).

These e-conferences and e-discussions based on studies from seven countries facilitated the drafting of a Synthesis Report on typology, produced by the WAW Secretariat with the support of Silvia Saravia Matus (International Consultant). This first draft was discussed within the WAW Typology D-group and was finalized in December 2014. An executive summary (20p.) introduces this WAW Typology Synthesis Report.