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Third Conference of the World Banana Forum

The Third Conference took place on the 8 and 9 of November 2017 | International Conference Centre (CICG), Geneva, Switzerland

With side events on 7 and 10 November 2017

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The WBF is a permanent platform that promotes collaboration and open dialogue on challenges facing the banana industry by bringing together key stakeholders, including representatives of the global supply chain. The WBF organizes global conferences with industry leaders and experts to discuss burning issues. These events give stakeholders the chance to be at the centre of discussions on global issues in the banana sector and to network. They offer a unique opportunity to strengthen the collaboration of key players and translate ideas into action.

The Third Conference focused on global collaboration, gender, business and technical issues in banana production and trade. The conference has allowed to gather all types of stakeholders with an interest in the banana sector - from producer and consumer organizations to governments, retailers, traders, NGOs and research institutions.

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