WBF at Fruit Attraction

                                               - Recordings of the event here -

Fruit Attraction has become one of the leading commercial fairs for the worldwide marketing of fruit and vegetables. Its ability to promote world exports in the sector, make it the commercial connection nexus for the whole group of professionals that make up the entire value chain, whilst consolidating its position as the innovation stage for the fruit and vegetable market. Organized by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX, Fruit Attraction has held as an in-person event from 4 to 6 October 2022.

The LATAM Task Force of banana producers and exporters held a conference on October 4th on the topic of shared responsibility in the global banana value chain.

With the support of the World Banana Forum (FAO), the two high-level panels of speakers debated on the main challenges faced by the banana industry -from rising global supply chain costs to the highly unstable economic and geopolitical environment- and the role that a greater shared responsibility could have in supporting the growth of the industry when and if endorsed by all key players.


Opening remarks, delivered by Mr. Bernardo Manzano, Minister of Agriculture of Ecuador

Panel 1: "Different latitudes, different needs. What are the consequences of the Farm to Fork Strategy for agriculture outside the European Union?", moderated by Mr. Julio Merida, Executive director of APIB Guatemala.

With the kind participation of:

  • Ms. Monica Bolaños, Ambassador for Guatemala in Spain.
  • Mr. Elnio Manuel Duran, Ambassador for Dominican Repubic in United Kingdom.
  • Mr. Andreas Schneider, Member of the Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski.
  • Mr. Victor Prada, Secretary of the World Banana Forum, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
  • Mr. Bernardo Manzano, Minister of Agriculture of Ecuador
  • Member of the European Parlament (Virtual Presence)

Panel 2: "Shared responsibility: an outstanding debt. What will be the fate of the concept of buying bananas ins the coming years?", moderated by Mr. Victor Prada, Secretary of the World Banana Forum, Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations.

With the kind participation of:

  • Mr. Jose Antonio Hidalgo, Executive Director of AEBE
  • Mr. Mariano Jimenez, Representative of Corbana
  • Mr. Emerson Aguirre, Executive President of Augura
  • Mr. Hilario Pelligrini, President of Adobanano
  • Ms. Marike de Peña, Representative from Fair Trade
  • Ms. Leonie Haakshorst, Bananas and Fruit Sector Lead at RainForest Alliance
  • Mr. Alistair Smith, International Coordinator at Banana Link
  • Ms. Annelotte Crena de longh, Senior Program Manager at IDH
  • Ms. Franka Rodríguez, Global Sourcing Director from ALDI SOUTH