Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

16 October 2022

World Food Day

Researchers and academic institutions need to develop knowledge and harness innovation, sharing the right information with decision makers to design better policies and legislations.

Knowledge leads the way to action. Researchers and academic institutions should use science and evidence-based data alongside cultural and traditional knowledge to promote healthy diets, sustainable food systems, diversified production systems, food loss and waste prevention and food safety, taking into consideration cultural and social norms and adapting resources to different audiences and contexts.

Innovation can mean solving a problem in a new way or addressing a new problem with a proven solution. Researchers and academic institutions need to embrace all types of innovative practices, harnessing both indigenous, traditional and local knowledge and new innovations. They need to promote knowledge transfer and innovation that supports vulnerable local producers as well as smallholders and family farmers by increasing access to markets, trade and technologies.

Research institutions and higher education play an important role in helping improve government policy and decision-making processes. They can share data that is solution-driven on ways to transform agrifood systems so they are more sustainable and resilient to global shocks, as well as help identify interventions that can provide relief and support to those impacted by crises, such as poverty and hunger, conflict, inequality and climate change.

There is greater strength in working together and pooling resources. Work with FAO and other partners to build a more sustainable and inclusive future where everyone, in all regions of the world, has access to a healthy diet. Researchers can also support efforts by governments to implement the Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition offered by the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). These guidelines are the most inclusive international platform – hosted and co-funded by FAO – where stakeholders team up to ensure food security and nutrition for all people.