Food For Life (FFL) Project

YUNGA also supports the World Organization of the Scout Movement’s (WOSM) Food for Life (FFL) project in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Malawi. This project aims to help children and young people (aged 6 to 26 years old) to produce sufficient food for themselves and their families, with the limited resources that they have. It teaches them not only how to grow crops, but also about the importance of nutrition and how to start and manage a business. Initiated by the South African Scout Association (SASA) in 2006, the FFL project and has since expanded to Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Benin, Niger and Lesotho. So far, several thousand people have already benefitted from the FFL project and the opportunities that it has provided. 

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Facilitators of the Food for Life project at their initial training workshop in Nairobi, Kenya.