YUNGA partners share the same vision. We are:

Conscious that a One United Nations Approach is the best way to harness the full capacity of the UN system to provide development assistance and promote equitable and sustainable lifestyles.

Convinced that instilling environmental and social awareness at a young age is the best way to protect the environment and develop a better society.

Unanimous in the belief that children and young people are concerned, thoughtful citizens capable of participating in and changing the society they are a part of.

Regretful to note that children and young people, especially girls and young women, are the greatest victims of social injustices, poverty, food insecurity, lack of education, natural disasters and other adverse environmental conditions such as climate change.

Resolute that young people from all parts of the world should actively participate in all relevant levels of decision-making processes, as these affect their lives today and have implications for their futures. In addition to their intellectual contribution and their ability to mobilize support, young people bring unique perspectives that need to be considered.

Conscious that children and young people, in order to be able to contribute to society, need to be empowered; and that avenues must be created to allow them to reach their full potential as proactive citizens.

Aware that many national and international youth organizations have objectives which are similar to those of the UN, including creating a better world, working for peace, gender equality, respecting the environment, sustainable development, human rights, and the education of young people.

Determined that YUNGA, by providing a collaborative mechanism which allows partners to unite their efforts, can support all current and future initiatives addressing issues of environmental, social and educational concern more swiftly and effectively.

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