Quiz: how well do you know your fruits?

It’s not summer until you’ve eaten a mango – Australian proverb

04 Mar 2015

They are delicious, they are nutritious and they make your mouth water.  If you know your apples from your oranges, then pit your wits against our fruit quiz. You will need to guess where different fruits come from, where they are most popular and how good they are for you.

Let’s get started.

1. Which country is the biggest producer of dates?

  • A.    Iraq
  • B.    Pakistan
  • C.    Egypt
  • D.    France
  • E.     Mozambique

Interesting fact: Dates distinguish themselves from most other fruit in that they have at least 3 distinct commercial maturation levels: the sweet khalaal, the rutab, and the tamr stage. The choice of harvesting at any stage depends on market demand.

2. What fruit is native to southern Asia, and is the most dominant tropical fruit variety produced worldwide?

  • A.    Mango
  • B.     Peach
  • C.     Coconut
  • D.    Lemons
  • E.     Yellow Plum

Interesting fact: Its origins have been traced to the hills of Meghalaya, India from a 65 million year-old fossil of the fruit’s leaf.

3. Banana is the eighth most important food crop in the world and the fourth most important in developing countries. In how many countries and territories are bananas, including dessert bananas, plantains and cooking bananas produced?

  • A.  186
  • B.  92
  • C.  136
  • D.  40
  • E.   5

Interesting fact: Today, the international banana trade, totalling around 17 million metric tonnes, is worth over $7 billion per year.

4. Which of the following fruits is native to the Andean valleys of Chile, Ecuador and Peru and known as the “gold of the Incas”?

  • A.   Passionfruit
  • B.   Lucuma
  • C.   Pitahaya
  • D.   Camu Camu

Interesting fact: The fruit is also available in large quantities in Laos and in Vietnam.

5. Name this fruit. 

  • A.     Miracle fruit
  • B.     Elderberries
  • C.     Gooseberries
  • D.     Blueberries
  • E.      Acai

Interesting fact: This fruit is edible and can be eaten as-is or used as ingredient in desserts such as pies or crumbles. It can be also preserved in the form of jam or as dried fruits. 


6. Lemons and limes: Which country delivers the highest yield?

  • A.     Canada
  • B.     Australia
  • C.     United States
  • D.     China
  • E.      Italy

Interesting fact: They are an excellent source of Vitamin C and provide 88% of the recommended daily intake.  

How many did you guess correctly?


                                                                                                                     Find the answers below:
                                                                                                                     6. C ; 5. C ; 4. B ; 3. C ; 2. A; 1. C

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