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Community of Practice for Conservation Agriculture -- CA-CoP
During the Soil Health Workshop last July at FAO in Rome there was a strong call for the establishment of a global network of 'Community of Practice' (CoP) in support of Conservation Agriculture (CA) as a foundation for sustainable agriculture and facilitating the acceleration of farmers' uptake of CA. As a first step towards making the Community of Practice operational, an e-mail Listserve has been set up at FAO to facilitate communication amongst the stakeholders of this global CA Community. This e-mail Listserve is meant to function as an informal electronic communication platform where anyone who is subscribed can exchange news, information and experience, and also request advice and assistance from the entire Community. Anyone working or interested in CA and related areas is invited and welcome to join the e-mail list.

The quality and value of this communication facility will very much depend on the subscribers.

To minimize unnecessary traffic and misuse of the Listserve facility, the subscription is vetted, and the messages submitted will be moderated as appropriate by a Moderator before being posted to all subscribers. Therefore, please allow for some delay when subscribing and sending messages. There will also be a regular CA-CoP Newsletter which will be distributed through the Listserve. The primary communication language is English. The Moderator of the Listserve is Amir Kassam, a well connected top level CA expert, who will be working closely with the CA-team in the FAO system. The Listserve Owner responsible for overseeing the subscriptions and operation of the Listserve is Theodor Friedrich, Senior Officer of the FAO Plant Production and Protection Division in Rome.

To subscribe to the list you can use the web interface ( or send an e-mail to:
Leave the subject line blank and place the following one line text in the message part without any further text: subscribe CA-CoP-L your_full_name

The Moderator and Listserve Owner are very pleased to welcome you on the list!

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