Conservation Agriculture


News - Growing up on a small farm in India, Dr. Rattan Lal experienced much of the hardship faced by today’s smallholder farmers. His family didn’t have running water or electricity, but he explains, “We never missed it because that was the way everybody lived.” As a farmer, his father struggled with irrigation challenges and the related issue of saline soil, both of which Lal later realised could be remedied by improving drainage of the land. But it wasn’t until after years of studying that he began to understand and teach the world about the fundamental role of soil.
News - Today, more than ever, digital agriculture is streamlining efficiency and productivity. But in Africa, many people do not have access to agricultural tools and equipment to improve their yields and reduce heavy labour. These tools, digital and non-digital, need to be available to farmers.   “Agricultural mechanization and innovation need to be part of the equation,” says Josef Kienzle, an agricultural engineer and leader of FAO’s mechanization task team...
News - Programme We would kindly like to bring to your attention the outline of the 8WCCA programme. The first day of the Congress consists of various opening speeches in the plenary followed by a keynote speech on Benefits of CA to farmers, society and environment. This will be followed in the plenary by a farmers session, a private sector session and a public sector and civil society session. In the evening there will be an official Congress Reception. The second day comprises two parallel sessions addressing the two sub-themes: I) Successful experiences and learnings from Conservation Agriculture worldwide; and II) Farm and ecosystem...
Soil health
11 01 2019
News - By adopting three practices—no-till farming, cover crops and diverse crop rotations—farmers worldwide can help preserve the world's soils, feed a growing global population, mitigate climate change and protect the environment. This was the key message of a presentation by David Montgomery, professor of geology at the University of Washington, at the Iowa Organic Conference in November. Read more:  
News - A new training manual launched today provides practical guidance for agricultural mechanization entrepreneurs in rural areas, where family farmers commonly lack capital to invest in the farm power required to increase food production especially in Africa.  The five-module training manual targeted at farm mechanization service providers, including youth and women, was developed by researchers and experts at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT).  It sets out a syllabus which trainers can tailor to local environments to equip entrepreneurs with essential business skills and knowledge to promote appropriate mechanization farmers...
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