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Autumn School of AgroEcology, 23-27 September in Italy

25/08/2019 - 

The Autumn School of AgroEcology will take place from the 23rd to the 27th September of 2019 in Tropea, a village in the region of Calabria (Italy) that is intensively working to promote sinergies with local territories.
Organized within the International Project Participatory AgroEcology School System (PASS), the Autumn School of AgroEcology will provide participants with advances knowledge on the design and management of agroecological systems promoting the development of soft skills. PASS has been financed on competitive basis by the University of Bologna to support international cooperation activities of its Departments and involves Universities from Northern and Southern America and Europe.

Objectives of the School:

§  To describe the ecological role of biodiversity in the functioning of agroecosystems and their management in agrolandscapes.

§  To learn how to design and manage agroecological systems for the production of Mediterranean crops (grapevine, olive, citrus, legumes, cereals, onion, etc.). 

§  To obtain tools on how to manage the transition from conventional to agroecological systems.

§  To learn how to assess sustainability and resilience at the farm and landscape level.

§  To prevent soil, genetic, knowledge erosion and land abandonment.


Outcomes of the school:

§  Understanding the process and factors that affect the conservation and management of agricultural biodiversity.

§  Becoming familiar with the principles of AgroEcology and their application in the design of resilient, biodiverse, efficient and productive agroecosystems.

§  Know how to use agroecological methodologies for sustainability and resilience assessment.

§  Familiarity with agroecological practice and vision.

§  Development of soft skills.

The participation is free and open to students and professionals in the agricultural, environmental, food and educational sectors.

The candidates should send their CV including motivations to: by August 31 2019. The admission includes food and lodging during the days September 23-27, 2019. The School offers lodging to students also on September 21 and 22. On September 27, participation to the Festival of the Medical Saints Cosma and Damiano in Brattirò. On September 28-30, all students are welcome to join grape harvest with local families in Brattirò, the viticultural Capital of the Territory of Tropea, Coast of the Gods and Monte Poro Highland.

To find out more information about the platform, please visit their website here.