Agroecology Knowledge Hub


Recommendations from the 2015 regional symposia on agroecology requested the promotion of inter-sectoral partnerships and South-South Cooperation on agroecology by fostering participatory exchange of experiences and knowledge across territories, countries and regions, engaging civil society organizations, farmers and farmers’ organizations, governments, academia and researchers.

In response to this among other activities, FAO has developed this web-based platform to highlight and share relevant knowledge on agroecology. As agroecology has been identified as an integration of science, practices and social processes this platform provides updates on current states of knowledge on these three aspects.

From the inputs and issues highlighted through the International Symposium and the regional symposia, FAO is structuring this web portal around ten common elements of agroecology: efficiency, balance, diversity, co-creation of knowledge, recycling, synergies, human and social values, circular economies, cultural and food traditions, land and natural resource governance.

Informal and formal education at all levels - from farming communities to school children to researchers - are at the core of agroecology; diverse approaches to agroecological education around the world are highlighted to facilitate greater sharing and dissemination.