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Apremiante batalla contra el fenómeno climatológico de La Niña
Fecha de publicación:19/03/2011
País: Guyana
Fuente: Ministerio de Agricultura

As heavy rainfall continues resulting from the La Nina weather condition and the on-going spring tide, as much as 6 inches of rainfall has been recorded over the past twelve hours compounding coastal drainage.

With the high level of rainfall recorded in coastal riverain areas, this will compound the flood condition in the Mahaica and Mahaicony River communities and other vulnerable low lying riverain areas along the Coast and in-land regions. Residents are asked to take maximum precaution as all the relevant agencies are on a high state of responsiveness and alert.

Today, Agriculture Minister, Hon. Robert M. Persaud led a team of officers to Mahaica and Mahaicony Creeks among other areas to interact with farmers and undertake emergency interventions.

Teams from the Ministry of Agriculture have also been deployed to all affected areas including engineers from the Ministry's National Drainage and Irrigation Authority who are assessing and making possible interventions as well as personnel from the Guyana Livestock Development Authority, National Agriculture Research Institute, and Guyana Rice Development Board who are assisting and advising affected livestock, rice and private cane farmers. Additional pumps and equipment have also been deployed to critical areas.

In the Abary/Berbice areas , the MOA's NDIA has deployed its dredging equipment, two excavators mounted on a pontoon, to carry out a dredging exercise to enhance flow and drainage to bring relief to affected farmers. Additional pumps have also been installed at Blairmont, Burma and Trafalgar to increase the drainage capacity in those areas.

In Abary/Mahaicony , personnel from the Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary/Agricultural Development Authority (MMA/ADA) have been closely monitoring the situation as this area was mostly affected by the persistent heavy rainfall. In the MARDS area, farmers are presently benefitting from empoldering works to save their crops. In the Mahaicony/Mahaica, a similar exercise is being carried out to save rice fields under water.

As part of its initiative, the Ministry of Agriculture has undertaken to supply MMA farmers with fuel to carry out pumping. These areas have also benefitted from empoldering works provided by both the NDIA and MMA/ADA.

Cattle and livestock farmers from vulnerable areas around the country have also been visited by veterinary personnel from the Ministry of Agriculture who has provided advice as well as veterinary supplies.

In Region Two , there are overcast conditions but no reports of flooding.

•  Pumps are operable at: Lima, Anna Regina, Cozier, Charity, Lima, Perth and Andrews,

•  Water is discharged at Unu Creek, Somerset and Berks, Riverstown and Good Hope.

•  Water in the main canals and conservancies are relatively low.

In Region Three , high waters were reported around the region with some areas such as Canal #1 Canal #2, Meten-Meer-Zorg and Waterloo at Leguan are affected.

•  The NDIA has redeployed a mobile pump from De Kindren to Leguan to bring relief affected areas.

•  A mobile pump was also deployed from Blankenburg to Canal #1 to provide additional relief and an additional pump is operational at Canal No.2.

•  Excavation works were undertaken by NDIA at Meten-Meer-Zorg and De Kindren which were affected by rainfall. Pumps were also deployed to these locations.

In Region Four , most of the low lying farming and residential areas are affected. Presently, the NDIA is carrying out excavation works between Cummings Lodge and Industry, ECD.

•  Pumps are operational at Paradise/Foulis, Buxton, Farm, Herstelling, Jimbo, Little Diamond, Craig South, Grove South and New Hope, P eters Hall, Helena, Cane Grove and LBI.

•  The side of a coffer dam at Timehri was also cut to allow the free flow of water. In

Region Six , most areas were affected by heavy rainfall and 16 pumps are presently operational to bring relief to affected areas. Emergency works are being carried out to support farmers and affected residents.

GuySuCo Interventions

On the East Demerara estates which were adversely affected, at LBI all the 9 fixed drainage pumps are operable, in addition to one 80 Tonnes per min Hydra Flow pump which was placed at Montrose and 2 irrigators at LBI sluice. At Enmore 9 out of the 10 fixed drainage pumps are operable. Repairs to the one pump which is down at Stratsphey are completed; however the base of the pump has to be dewatered before the pump can be reinstalled.

In addition to these fixed drainage pumps at Enmore, three irrigators are currently in place and working one each at Stratsphey, Foulis and Hope. A fourth one is currently being mobilized from Blairmont to be placed at Hope also which should be in operation by tomorrow morning. Surveillance of the cultivation has been stepped up with special emphasis on the Conservancy dam that falls within the boundaries of the two estates. All drainage pumps are being monitored on a 24hrs basis by senior members in the Agriculture department of the estates.

On the West Demerara estates, all nine (9) drainage sluices are operable. Senior personnel from the estates have also been managing the sluices to ensure they are opened and closed on time.

The Ministry of Agriculture will continue to monitor the situation closely as it aims to minimize the adverse effects of heavy rainfall. The Ministry of Agriculture hotline numbers are :  223-7291, 227-5049 or text messaging at 691-0000 and Website:  www.

Publicado por: Ministerio de Agricultura